Modelling the robots



Modelling my main character for the animation: NO FACE

maxbae max bay CaptureBaymax_Render

From watching the famous Disney movie, Big Hero 6, I was inspired to recreate the robot called ‘Baymax’ but with only no facial features which is the main purpose of the narrative for my animation. I used a render of Baymax as a base and reference for modelling my character, which I placed into the front view in Cinema4D. The creation of the body was especially round so I decided I would use a sphere as the base of the body and manipulated the sphere to get it into shape of the body. This was done by selecting the polygons in the front view and moving them with the addition of the scale tool to try and mold it into a more rounder shape.

The same technique was used with the creation of the arms, however I modeled the left arm first and used the Symmetry tool to copy it onto the right side to make the process much easier for me. The fingers were also just capsules scaled down in size. The legs for my character were also made with spheres. I subdivided everything to make my character look more smooth and round as even though I manipulated the spheres to make it as best as it could look, it still looked a bit jagged around the edges so once I subdivided it, the anomaly was fixed.

I used a simple white colour texture for the whole body of my character.



A robot is seen in a city alleyway in hibernation, different robots pass by and look at the robot sleeping but just to take a look out of curiosity and walk away like nothing is there. The robot wakes up in the morning after much time has passed by and encounters many obstacles to get around, such as the cardboard boxes that is in his path in order to get out of the alleyway to enter the main street where all the shops are. He tries different actions to try and get the boxes out of the way then learns how to do so, by dragging them along.

Once the main robot gets out of the alleyway, it is fascinated by the city surroundings, as it has never seen anything like it. The robot explores around but is soon encountered by different robots that look like him but strikingly different. They have wheels to move around instead of legs and and a totally different body shape and robotic hands and fingers. Children point at it and even the parents choose to run away, cowered in fear. This makes the robot sad and then walks over to a shop and see’s its own reflection in the window. It observes its own body and looks at the other robots, realizing that its different from the others and everyone refuses to accept the robot. A normal robot stops to stare at it but then runs off, thus making the main robot upset and fed up.

The main robot goes to a bar/pub but see’s two normal robots having a conversation outside. The main robot (MC) thinks that the normal robots are talking about him, so he gets mad and knocks one robot out. The robot who was shocked runs off once the main robot gives him a nasty look. He then proceeds to walk into the bar/pub looking shrugged. He tries to grab a bottle of whiskey as a final attempt to try and be accepted, however the robots inside the bar are quite scared of him, so he nearly cracks the bottle. This infuriates the bartender and points at the door, indicating him to leave the premises. He leaves and then takes one good look at himself, knowing that whatever he does he cant be accepted by the society there.

The main robot then walks back into the alleyway and spots a bin, he lifts the lid open and jumps in into it; as he feels that he has nowhere to belong.